"Having recently retired Jim R (see rider profiles below) wanted to do a biggish cycle tour which resulted in a plan to cycle carrying all our own kit with us from Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland to Los Montesinos which is to the south of Alicante in Spain.

We have 3 days riding in the UK to catch a ferry from Hull to Rotterdam which is followed by 23 days riding through Netherlands, Belgium, France, Andorra and finally Spain. Over the 26 days we’ll cover 1,885 miles and climb 93,561 feet (over 3 times the height of Mount Everest).

3 of us plan to ride the full route and we’ll be joined by a fourth person from Ayrshire to Carcassonne in France and a fifth person from Paris to Carcassonne.

Further details of our planned route can be found on our Route page while details of progress made, daily reports and photos can be found on our Progress page."


Read all about thir tour and progress here > https://loye.co.uk/eurotour2022/about.php 


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