SAN MARCOS, CA 07/13/2022 — Spinergy, Inc. has released a line of wheels compatible with Classified’s Powershift, a wireless 2 speed shifting system integrated into the rear hub and replacing the front derailleur. Thanks to state-ofthe-art technology, riders can change gears in a split second, under full load and on any terrain. Powershift’s cutting-edge performance combines seamlessly with Spinergy’s DSR ecosystem where each element complements and enhances the other including our patented PBO fiber spokes offering advanced vibration damping. A purpose-built and custom Spinergy hubshell pairs with the Powershift unit ensuring a cohesive look and design. With our convenient compatibility system, riders can own multiple wheelsets for multiple disciplines and move the Powershift unit between them. Spinergy’s Powershift-ready wheels are available in a full line of gravel and road wheels, on both carbon and alloy rims. Spinergy is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting evolution in bicycle technology. Available immediately.
ABOUT SPINERGY — Spinergy, Inc. has been an innovator in the cycling industry since 1990. The company’s industry-only PBO fiber spokes offer a revolutionary technology for stronger, lighter, and faster wheels. A single PBO spoke contains over 30,000 strands of Polyphenylene Bensobisoxazole fiber. PBO fiber strands are encased in a chemical resistant, water/UV proof composite offered in a variety of colors. The outcome is a flexible spoke with incredible strength that will absorb impacts more efficiently while staying in true. PBO spokes take the sting out of the road. Their vibration damping qualities are unmatched in the market. No other spoke and rim combination provide the performance and ride handling that Spinergy does: A difference you can feel on your first ride. 

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