At Moda we believe in helping to create a sustainable environment for all cyclists to enjoy. We are aware that in the pursuit of developing the most aerodynamic & lightest bikes for the current market, inevitably there are waste products and greenhouse gasses emitted.

However here at Mdoa we actively engage in offsetting the carbon emissions created both in house and within the community.  As a company we take the following steps to offset our current carbon footprint and continue to look for new innovating ways to produce a greener environment..

  • Sustainability - Bikes that stand the test of time.
  • Green Commuting - Our team of staff are made up off enthusiastic cyclists who we encourage to cycle to work, with use of showers and lockers on site. We also encourage car sharing where possible.
  • Charity - We work with local charities to recycle old stock not only preventing waste but also helping the local community.
  • Packaging - Warehouse & Office packaging is recycled and reused.
  • Suppliers - Our preferred suppliers have a green policy in place and commitment to the future of our planet.
  • Community - At Moda we actively engage with local Clubs and Youth Teams to encouraging cycling within their community.